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Wishes for abundance, peace for centuries
Feb 13, 2017
People perform some nongak farmers’ music in 1993 in front of a large daljip bonfire (달집) on the night of Jeongwol Daeboreum, the first full moon of the lunar year. A large flag hanging on the bonfire says that, ‘Farmers are the great foundation of the world.' In a traditional, a...


Celebrating Lunar New Year's 2017
Jan 31, 2017
A mother-daughter duo tie their wishes to a tree at Seoul's Unhyeongung royal residence (운현궁) on Jan. 28, Seollal Lunar New Year's Day. Seollal Lunar New Year's, a holiday that reminds us of the meaning of family, is now behind us. During the holidays, families came together ...


Colder, but more fun: Korea’s winters past
Jan 26, 2017
During winter 1975, kids and grownups enjoy skating while wearing only jeans and sweaters, at the frozen pond in front of the Gyeonghoeru Pavilion at Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was much colder in Korea in the past. Photos and records recently released by the National Archives...


Wintertime street snacks to beat the cold
Jan 20, 2017
Jjinbbang, or steamed buns filled with a sweet bean paste, are the ideal snack for the wintertime. These pocket-sized buns, served fresh from the steamer, also warm up your hands in the blistering cold. Walking outside during winter's coldest months, it's hard not to notice ...


Korea Grand Sale Launches Nationwide for Foreign Touris...
Jan 10, 2017
The Korea Grand Sale, a shopping & tour festival organized by the Visit Korea Committee (chaired by Park Sam-koo), will be held from Friday, January 20th to Tuesday, February 28th to attract foreign tourists and boost domestic consumption in the winter season. This year’...


New guidebooks target non-Korean residents
Jan 09, 2017
The Daegu Metropolitan City Government releases 'Living in Daegu,' a guidebook to help newcomers settle and live in the city. The booklets are being distributed at offices frequented by recently-arrived Daegu residents, such as the Women & Family Affairs Division of Daegu Cit...


A new express train to carry passengers to PyeongChang ...
Dec 30, 2016
Secretary General Yeo Hyung-koo (left) of the Organizing Committee for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games and KORAIL President Hong Soon-man sign a memorandum of understanding on Dec. 28 for cooperation to host the Olympic Games successfully. Athletes of the PyeongCh...


Guidebook of plant names is published online
Dec 27, 2016
A book that provides accurate scientific and Korean names for foreign and indigenous plants cultivated in Korea has been published for use by the public. On Dec. 26, the Korea National Arboretum released the "Standard Checklist of Cultivated Plants in Korea," a plant guidebo...


Number of int’l tourists to Korea hits 17 mil.
Dec 27, 2016
The number of international visitors to Korea has surpassed 17 million throughout 2016. This marks a record high, exceeding the log of 14.2 million in 2014. There’s been a surge in the number of foreign tourists entering the nation, from January to November this year, 31.2 perc...


Wetland reserves are paradise for wildlife
Dec 21, 2016
Korea’s wetland reserves have recently been discovered to be home to wildlife, including endangered species. Since 2011, the National Institute of Environmental Research, part of the Ministry of Environment, has conducted a series of research projects into 17 wetland reserve...