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Getting to know Korea, one mountain at a time
Feb 22, 2017
I was trembling, the moon was rising and the end of our climb was still not in sight. Scared and exhausted, I hung on to the granite rock face in front of me, and asked myself for the hundredth time why I was so far from the ground. That question continued to haunt me as my partn...

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How to appreciate ancient Korean architecture
Feb 16, 2017
Lyudmila Mikheesku Saint Basil's Cathedral, located in Red Square in Moscow, is one of Russia's most famous and historical buildings. The cathedral, with its nine beautifully shaped towers, each unique in its own way, is a well-known tourist attraction, even among those who have...

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Women fandom
Feb 08, 2017
Liliek Soelistyo No doubt, since 2005 Korean movies have been sitting in the heart of Indonesian audiences, especially women. With the popularity of Korean TV shows and pop music that has swept across East Asia and elsewhere, including Indonesia, people started to focus on Bae Y...


Monochrome marvel: the lasting appeal of Hangukhwa, tra...
Feb 01, 2017
By Tim Alper Korea’s history of art is not full of great and sudden revolutions or movements, like art in Western Europe. Nor is it, strictly speaking, evolutionary. Rather, it's a story of gentle yet incessant and often cyclical flux. Until A.D. 660, the Korean Peninsula w...


Korea I discovered in Cuba
Jan 26, 2017
Daria Todorova I travelled to Cuba to celebrate New Year's. After 13 hours on the plane from Korea, I finally arrived. The time I spent in Cuba has given me memories that I will never forget. Among others, I had a great time at the traditional Cuban bed-and-breakfast casas. T...


Cold Remedies: How to make the most out of Seoul’s wint...
Jan 24, 2017
Charles UsherWinter in Seoul can be a drag. It’s cold, it’s windy, it doesn’t get enough snow to be charming. Mostly it’s just something you suffer through while you wait for spring to show up. It’s not, however, entirely without its charms, and in fact there are a number of t...


Mourning together
Jan 20, 2017
By Sophie Bowman Not long ago, my parents visited Korea. While they were here, the elderly mother of a friend passed away and as this friend was someone my parents also knew and cared a lot about, we went to visit his mother’s funeral hall. My parents were profoundly mov...


A library inspired by K-dramas
Jan 17, 2017
Lyudmila Mikheesku A little while ago, I wrote a column about the characteristics of Korean dramas, talking about how bothered I am by product placement in TV shows. To be honest, though, there are some types of product placements that I don't mind at all: books. I find I alway...


A trip to Gyeongju
Jan 17, 2017
By Ilya Belyakov I recently travelled to Gyeongju, in southeastern Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. I decided to take a trip to the city not only because it was quite warmer than where I live at this time of year, but also because I had some spare time. Looking back on the past y...

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Transnational Marriage
Jan 11, 2017
By Liliek Soelistyo In this globalizing world, transnational marriages are becoming more and more common. This kind of marriage between two people from two different countries is becoming socially accepted, although I believe both must have gone through a lot of complexities ...